Let the Colors Reign

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Actor Jared Leto sporting his blue locks.

Actor Jared Leto sporting his blue locks.

Hair dye has been available for years now, and its variety is only increasing. There are just so many color options here in 2016! Forget the primary colors and make room for forest-greens, sky-blues, and ashy-grays. With so many colors that come in a bottle, it’s hard to pick a favorite! Unfortunately though, indecision isn’t the biggest problem we face concerning hair color. Changing you hair to outrageous shades is frowned upon by many, and vicious comments can steal the fun of a unique hue. Modifying something so minor shouldn’t be so hard, but it is.

  We treat our hair as an extension of ourselves, and we use it to express ourselves. When you get that perfect quiff or curl, you feel confident and good about yourself. We have beautiful, colorful clothes that make us feel nice and unique. For the most part, others don’t go around criticizing someone because of a bright shirt, or neon shoes. That’s just not what you do. So, why is it okay to do that to hair choices?


Hayley Williams with her striking blue hair.

Hayley Williams with her striking blue hair.

  We should all have something better to do than worry about what color someone’s dyed their hair. Yet, we still tend to expend energy doing just that. It can be instinctive to put down others around mentally, whether you agree with the snap-judgement or not. It can take some time to train yourself not to think these negative thoughts, especially when you’ve been raised with them constantly swirling around you. Hair color is as good a place as anywhere to start. We’ve invented pigments strong enough to change our natural hair color. How wicked is that? That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with going natural, of course. It’s simply preference, and that’s how it should be. Scathing remarks shouldn’t be part of the equation at all.

  People are crazy and wonderful, and they should be able to express that if they choose

Singer Gerard Way with his "Hesitant Alien," look.

Singer Gerard Way with his “Hesitant Alien,” look.

to do so. Life is a ball of beautiful chaos, and adding color to it should be a total celebration.

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