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My Favorite Teacher and Class at MHS

My Favorite Teacher and Class at MHS

Carly Stout January 11, 2022

My favorite teacher here at MHS just so happens to teach my favorite class as well. My favorite teacher is Mr. Schopper, and my favorite class was current issues which I took junior year as well as first...

Happy holidays!!

December 22, 2021

See you in 2022!!

MHS Choir Concert

Ellie Hardgrave December 7, 2021

Come see the MHS Choir perform at the Church of the Brethren on the 16th of December at 7:00 pm. This is their second concert of the year, the Winter concert. All of the choirs will be performing; Womens...

McPherson Christmas Parade

Amelia Britting December 3, 2021

Casey Schropp is hosting the Christmas parade for the second year. The event is set to take place on December 11th at 6:15. Last year Casey started the parade to spread her love for Christmas and bring...

Mrs. Schoenwetter, Madison Eck, Amber Smith, Kaesie Melville, Juan Matias, Madison Snyder, Sheyla Escobar, Kaitlin Harley, Nadia Marquez, August Frick, Paige Stucky, Carly Schroeder, Asa Keough, Audrey Bailey, Cristian Garcia, Payton Baumgartel, Gage Smith, Mercedies Ladwig, Bree Pickerell, Gracie Eilert, Mia Arce, Sara Vanuelous, Adolfo and Ontiveros-Gonzalez.
Not pictured: Dante Perrote

Trash to Trends Competition

Devon Haden, Staff writer October 20, 2021

On October 13th, 2021 Mrs. Schoenwetter took her Design class to the annual USD 350 St. John High School, Trash to Trends competition at the Stafford County Annex. Where they competed against 5 other schools....

Art Plans

Art Plans

Devon Haden, Staff writer August 30, 2021

The club, Art Guild will be meeting in a few weeks. Their first project will be art for the walls in the high school.   In September the Design class is going to be making dresses and are hoping...

The Indefinite Cycle of The Universe

The Indefinite Cycle of The Universe

Maleiah Ewert, Editor December 21, 2020

Every person has a theory or a belief on how life came to be. We tend to hold those values because looking at other explanations on how the world was created can not be processed by our brains. We can’t...

How Could 2020 possibly get any worse?

How Could 2020 possibly get any worse?

Ella Dysinger, Staff Writer September 28, 2020

So, 2020... What can I say that everyone else hasn't already said about this year? It's fantastic! That's something that hasn't been said about 2020 yet, But we all know it's a big fat lie. Let's take...

“Call Her Daddy” Podcast Review

“Call Her Daddy” Podcast Review

Maleiah Ewert, Editor September 20, 2020

This podcast is for mature audiences talking about relationship advice, women advice and discussions on taboo topics. Alexandra Cooper, the starter of the “Daddy Gang” makes weekly podcasts containing...

Chadwick Boseman has passed away

Chadwick Boseman has passed away

Ella Dysinger, Staff Writer September 16, 2020

Yes, you read the headline correctly. On August 28th, 2020, beloved actor Chadwick Boseman passed away at the age of 43. His passing was due to complications with colon cancer. Sadly, Boseman was diagnosed...

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Kaylea Herrman, Photo Editor May 2, 2020

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