The High Life

Easter Movies

Kathryn Gregoeski March 23, 2023

It’s springtime! Which means Easter is coming. That means egg hunts, candy and Easter movies. While other holidays have a lot of movies, Easter doesn’t have many. Despite that there are some really...

Race through the Finish

Kaylee Western March 23, 2023

Track practice has started and it's going great. Every day everyone goes to practice and puts in 110% effort. The first track meet is on Thursday, March 30th at 1:30 pm at HOME! This will be our first...

Student wins free trip to Universal Studios!

Student wins free trip to Universal Studios!

Mercedes Ladwig March 23, 2023

Zachary Phillips is a sophomore at Mhs and just won a free trip to Orlando, Florida, and Universal Studios. How did he do this you ask? Zach competed in our Jag C.D.C. competition. Jag (Jobs for Americas...

First Track Meet of the Season

Elley Paulsen March 23, 2023

The Track and Fields first track meet will be held at the McPherson High School stadium. It will be the first track meet ever held at MHS. It is on Thursday, March 30th. Personally I am super excited for...

McPherson High School Track is Beginning!

McPherson High School Track is Beginning!

Karsen Burris March 23, 2023

McPherson High School is having a home track meet on March 30, 2023. It will just be a participation meet so everyone will be competing. A participation meet means that the coaches will not keep track...

Track Schedule 2023

Track Schedule 2023

Maryn Sandbo March 1, 2023

March 30th- McPherson Pre Season Participation meet April 6th- Varsity Pratt invitational April 11th- JV Buhler Invitational April 14th- JV and Varsity Garden Plain invitational and Smokey Valley...

This Weather Sucks

Mercedes Ladwig February 28, 2023

This weather sucks. I am truly over it. I am sure you are too.  This has been annoying. One day it's nice enough to wear shorts and go on a walk, then the next day you got to get your coat back out. This...

Kickoff to Track and Field

Elley Paulsen February 28, 2023

Track practices started on Monday, February 27th, right after school on the McPherson High School's new track and field. There are so many students going out for track and getting involved. There are more...

Easter Candy

Kathryn Gregoeski February 27, 2023

          This year Easter is April 9th. Though Easter is still a few months away, stores have started selling Easter decorations and candy. While Easter doesn’t have the amount of candy other holidays...

Track and Field!

February 27, 2023

Track and Field is starting up again Today! Everyone is excited, nervous, anxious, and all of the above. With new kids coming in and older kids going out, I think this year is going to be a good year!...

Mental Health

Kaylee Western February 17, 2023

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It can hit people out of nowhere. Mental health can also affect your everyday life. Mental health affects how we feel, think,...

Anonymous Mental Health And Anxiety

Anonymous Mental Health And Anxiety

February 17, 2023

Mental Health can be an issue when it comes to teens and young adults. The feeling of not feeling enough to live and thinking that life will never get better, but I reassure you that life will get better. ...

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