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What to do while in quarantine

Stay safe

Devon Haden, Staff writer

May 5, 2020

What to do while on quarantine? Hmm, you can’t go out with friends, can’t walk anywhere, can’t even leave your house. What CAN you do? Here are some suggestions- Read a book Text or call friends and family Play video games Clean your room/house Watch Youtube Watch movies Eat Sleep Play...

Coronavirus, Local

Atlanta washing her hands thoroughly.

Hannah Farley

March 11, 2020

The Coronavirus has just recently reached the U.S. after it’s outbreak in China in January. The outbreak has since indirectly affected McPherson, Kansas by creating fears among the county. For farmers it has caused prices on meat to decline and slightly on grains, as the public has become more cautiou...

Spring 2020 – Girls Swim Team

Swimmer, Mariah, takes a break to stretch.

Kaylea Herrman, Photo Editor

March 9, 2020



Corona virus image used with permission from

March 5, 2020


Contract Negotiations in USD 418 Continue

We Support Our Teachers sign.

Hannah Farley, staff writers

March 2, 2020

It is common for teachers to get their contracts at the beginning of the year for them to see how much they’ll end up making in the year. This 2019/2020  school year, teachers at McPherson USD 418 were not given their contracts because the school board was not sure if they’d have the budget for...

Matilda: The Musical

Lily Parker, Josie Strathman, and Tessa Boesker in ‘Matilda: The Musical’ as the show comes to a close.

Faith Lininger, Editor

February 24, 2020

Everyone knows the story of sweet Matilda, and her horrible family and headmistress, Miss Agatha Trunchbull. It is a delightful tale of innocence, and the power of resilience. This year, Greg McGlynn and Nicholas Griggs decided to give our school a taste of the strength of mind of Matilda.  Matild...

Is the ACT and Pre-ACT Beneficial to Students at MHS?

McPherson High School recognizing the students that have scored a

Kaylea Herrman, Photo Editor

February 22, 2020

On Tuesday, February 25th, students at MHS will be taking their ACTs and pre-ACTs. Testing will begin at the start of school and will end around 12:00 pm. Freshman will be going on tours of local businesses, Sophomores will be taking their Pre-ACTs, Juniors will be taking their ACTs, and Seniors will...

All-State Results

Edited design of an eighth note and a trumpet.

Faith Lininger, Editor

February 20, 2020

As many know, Choir and Band students take part in many contests during the spring semester each year. And each year, many lucky students are chosen to represent MHS and MMS at the Kansas Music Educators Association Conference, which this year, is to be held from February 27th through February 29th...

Spirit Week – 2020

Freshman, Hunter Alvord and Biology teacher, Heath Gerstner twinning on Mike and Ike Monday. In honor of Winter Homecoming spirit week, on Monday, February 10th, 2020.

Faith Lininger, Editor

February 20, 2020

Spirit Week is a week for students to dress up, have fun, and be total dorks. For the Spring Semester of 2020, our Spirit Week ends on Valentine's Day, a day traditionally meant to show love and appreciation to everyone you care about. Spirit Week this semester had a candy theme, and consisted of: Mon...

The Coronavirus

The outbreak of the Coronavirus is causing panic in China and other countries.

Kaylea Herrman, Photo Editor

February 14, 2020

The recent outbreak of the deadly ‘coronavirus’ is causing an international panic. Leading to the death of tens of thousands of people in China, there are at least two dozen more in other countries such as the United States. Worldwide, this virus has infected almost 60,000 people and the newly developing...

Christmas Carol

Kayla Ladet, Staff Writer

January 28, 2020

McPherson High School play “A Christmas Carol” opened on December 13, 2019 and closes on December 14, 2019 at the Historical McPherson Opera House. The play is being produced in living black and white.   They opened last Friday, December 6th with a matinee performance of “A Christmas ...

World War Three Jokes To Soften The Blow

World War Three meme found on Twitter making fun of the possibility of a war.

Maleiah Ewert, managing editor

January 28, 2020

Iranian assassination has led teenagers to make jokes and memes of a possible war outbreak. As the news and the internet is flooded with country disputes, teenagers and young adults are making a laugh of politicians mistakes.    Unless you’re living under a rock, you more than likely heard ...

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