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The student news site of McPherson High School

The High Life

The student news site of McPherson High School

The High Life

Elizabeth Vieyra, a full-time employee, spends countless hours with Ugandan children teaching them about the bible.

Americans in Africa

Adylaide Crocker, Journalist December 4, 2023

  With people all around the world not knowing about the Bible, people in Hutchinson, Kansas have taken it upon themselves to share the Gospel message with families in Uganda.   Ripples From...

Is homework really that important?

Is homework really that important?

Adylaide Crocker, Journalist October 27, 2023

  Most highschoolers have homework that they need to complete each night before attending the class that next day. Where’s the line between the perfect amount of homework and too much? High...

Above shows each winner throughout the week. Photo Creds: MHS Stuco Instagram

Unleashing school spirit: Homecoming week at McPherson High!

Hannah Britting, Journalist October 18, 2023

On the week of homecoming, every student at McPherson High School had the opportunity to participate in Spirit Week. For some students, it’s not a big deal, but for other students, they love to go all...

Things To Do This Summer

Kathryn Gregoeski May 24, 2023

       We finally made it to the last week of school. The thing everyone looks forward to: Summer! While some people probably have a bunch of plans already, others may still be trying to come up with...

My 2023 Summer Goals!

Savannah Martinez May 24, 2023

It's May 24th, 2023 also known as THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!! Recently I have been thinking a lot about what I want my summer to look like and what I want to accomplish. Since I am now 16, I am open to many...

Summer Time!!

Karsen Burris May 24, 2023

This summer I plan on going to Florida with my youth group. In Florida, we are planning on going to a youth conference! We will be there for 4 days, we will travel for 3! Other than Florida I plan on working...

Freshman Year Comes to a Wrap!

Melissa Rodriguez May 24, 2023

My first year of high school has been a blast of an experience. I've had some of the most fun memories made this year; the events in school like football games or the dances, field trips I take in classes,...

The Miracle Worker Reprise!

The Miracle Worker Reprise!

Mercedes Ladwig May 24, 2023

We saw it. We loved it, The Miracle Worker will be coming back next school year! This performance was so outstanding that our theater teacher Mr. McgGlynn is doing the play again! Now, this isn't just...

Recap of Freshman Year!

Recap of Freshman Year!

Jasmyn Evans May 23, 2023

Freshman year went by faster than ever. This has by far felt like the fastest year of school ever. I would say that it's pretty easy as well. Something I would say to expect is that you have more homework...

Freshman year!

Kaylee Western May 23, 2023

Freshman year of high school is a significant milestone in a student's academic journey. It's a time of transition from middle school to high school, and it can be both exciting and overwhelming. Freshman...

We Are In Season!

Kaylee Western April 21, 2023

We are in season! The track team has been in season for about a month and a half. We have competed in multiple meets already and are doing amazing.  Today the varsity team is traveling to Abilene.  We...

The Miracle Worker

The Miracle Worker

Mercedes Ladwig April 21, 2023

The high school theater department is performing The Miracle Worker. The Miracle Worker follows the story of Hellen Keller and her teacher Anne Sullivan. Maycn Ward, a senior at MHS, will be playing Hellen...

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