Top 5 best summer destination places


Mykonos, Greece- Mykonos is said to be one of the most luxurious holiday destinations ever.  It’s known for the fun in beach bars and clubs, luxury shopping stores, and different art venues. One part of the island is the luxury of it, but the other part is the natural beauty.  The natural part has things like paved alleys, whitewashed houses, country chapels, and windmills. Mykonos has a lot of architectural things, villages, and different beaches that you can explore.

Mallorca, Spain-  Mallorca is in the Balearic Islands.  The Balearic Islands have been an island since 1983. Mallorca is known for its private coves, limestone mountains, wineries and farms, and especially their beaches. In Mallorca, there are hidden beaches and even a wooden tram that you can ride along the seaside.

Ischia, Italy- Ischia has 5 star hotels, luxurious thermal springs, religious street parades, and kids riding on the back of Vespas.  There seem to be more untouched beaches around Ischia, but tourists are more attracted to the ones in bigger areas and shiner shores. Ischia is more authentic than other places around Italy, and you will find less manufactured things while you’re there.

Montego Bay, Jamaica- In Montego Bay, there are more adventurous things for you to do like cockpit country adventure tours, play paintball, and ride down the Martha Brae river. Montego Bay also has a Usain Bolt statue to can take picture in-front of at a sports bar, and there is also a cultural centre that shows you about the history of the town and the meanings behind things.

Istria, Croatia- Istria has a very Italy feel to it.  It has vineyards, olive groves, seaside villages, and and a hill that allows you to look straight into Tuscany. Istria holds the Roman Arena which is in Pula (a town in Istria), the arena was made between 27 BC and 67 AD and is the 6th largest Roman amphitheater in the world. A town in Istria has a church full of mummies.  It’s the church of St. Blaise, and it holds the mummy remains of 6 of the old saints, St, Leon Bembo, St. John Olini, St. Nicolosa Bursa, St. Sebastian, St. Mary, and St. Barbara.