The High Life

The Trump March

Trump Set Off A Riot And Extreme Violence At The Capitol

Katelyn Mintzer and Maleiah Ewert January 18, 2021

On December 19th, Trump shared a tweet that set off a series of events. The tweet shared information for “The March For Trump.” Former President Trump tweeted many times supporting this march, Trump...

Boys Swimming Invitational.

Boys Varsity Swimming Invitational

Kaylea Herrman , Photo Editor December 22, 2020

This week on Friday December 18th a boys varsity swimming invitational was held at Wichita Heights High School. With many different schools participating in this meet, there were plenty of people...

The Indefinite Cycle of The Universe

The Indefinite Cycle of The Universe

Maleiah Ewert, Editor December 21, 2020

Every person has a theory or a belief on how life came to be. We tend to hold those values because looking at other explanations on how the world was created can not be processed by our brains. We can’t...

The plan regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

What you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine

Ella Dysinger, Staff Writer December 18, 2020

The New Year will soon be among us...Wait, let me rephrase that. 2020 is getting closer to being over, what a relief! Can you imagine how wild that New Year party will be? Actually, now that I think about...

The McPherson Bullpups Football 2020 Wrap Up

Katelyn Mintzer, Sports Editor December 15, 2020

  The Bullpups this year made it to the state semifinals for the fourth season in a row. They concluded the season 10-2 overall but 4-0 in the district. Not only that, they estimated 51 in the...

Why You Should Vote Left

Why You Should Vote Left

Maleiah Ewert, Editor December 15, 2020

America is separated right down the middle by what the people believe is right and wrong. Everywhere we look we’ll find issues; racism, poverty, climate change and the lack of inclusivity. If we can...

Junior, Josh Everhart, gives blood at drive.

Giving Blood and Saving Lives

Kaylea Herrman, managing editor November 2, 2020

On Wednesday October 28th, a blood drive was held across from the McPherson High School at the Grace Lutheran Church on East 1st Street. The drive was held from 8:00am to 1:30pm by the MHS KAY Club where...

How Gen-Z Is Using Social Media To Be More Involved In Politics

How Gen-Z Is Using Social Media To Be More Involved In Politics

Maleiah Ewert, Editor October 12, 2020

Gen-Z has used the Tik Tok app for standing up on important issues and working all together to get something done. During the summer Gen-Z created a trend to report Trump’s campaign app. If the app got...

Claudia Conway, A Young Political Advocate

Claudia Conway, A Young Political Advocate

Maleiah Ewert, Editor October 12, 2020

Claudia Conway, the daughter of Kellyanne Conway who’s the former counselor of President Trump, is known as the “Internet’s Political Hero.” Though her mother is a Trump supporter and happens to...

Band at football game wearing mask

Covid expectations for MHS

Atlanta Wing September 24, 2020

  McPherson High School expectations for our students have grown dramatically since the beginning of the school year due to Covid-19. The different requirements are wearing masks, social distancing,...

Foundations in personal finance.

Saving Money Through High School

Kaylea Herrman, managing editor September 22, 2020

Mr.Strathman, girls basketball coach of 16 years and assistant of 10 years, currently teaches the personal finance class at MHS. This class is beneficial for students wanting to be more money smart and...

MHS boys playing football at the stadium.

Jaytin Gumm Scoring the First Point of the Game

September 21, 2020

MHS Varsity Football played Great Bend and won 31-13 on Friday night at McPherson Stadium. The crowd was cheering as MHS scored right off the bat. McPherson outscored Great Bend 24-6. The first point...

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