The High Life

Favorite Class

Amelia Britting January 19, 2022

In my opinion journalism/yearbook is one of the best classes to take. I like it because it has a more laid back environment and work is self paced. The yearbook is a big part of school and being apart...

Mr. Reed is the Best and Here’s Why…

Haely Hagemann, Sports Editor January 13, 2022

This year, I decided to take Pre AP English my freshman year. I was super nervous, but the second I walked into Mr. Reed's classroom, those feeling were gone. Mr. Reed has such a welcoming feel to his...

My Favorite Teacher and Class

Ellie Hardgrave January 12, 2022

My favorite teacher has to be Mr.Griggs and my favorite class happens to be choir. I love how interactive and caring he is. He makes sure to know his students and to make them feel comfortable and loved....

Favorite teacher and class at MHS

Mia Moore January 12, 2022

My favorite class is Modern Journalsim/ Yearbook because it is fun and keeps me involved. My favorite teacher is probably Mr. Lujano because he is very straight forward and confident when teaching and...

Favorite teacher and class

Hunter Wilson January 11, 2022

It's hard choosing just one favorite teachers and class but one that really stuck out to me this year was Mr. Schopper's current issues class.  I took it my first semester and absolutely love it and the...

Photo of Yesenia Rocha with clown makeup done Devon Haden.

My Favorite Teacher and Subject

Devon Haden, Staff writer January 11, 2022

Though it's quite difficult to pick just one teacher out of the high school to be my favorite. I think I must go with Mrs. Billings, just because she's witty and warmhearted. I love how at the beginning...

A Teacher and a Class

LilyAnn Janzen January 11, 2022

It's difficult to pick just one teacher, and just one class. Every teacher and every class in different, giving different people different reasons to dislike or like it. However, there is a class that...

Why You Should Join Journalism!

Claire Miller January 11, 2022

A favorite teacher of mine is Mrs. Fiedler.  She is a great teacher for the class I'm taking which is Journalism, and I one-hundred percent recommend that you should take it as a class. You get to work...

My Favorite Teacher and Class at MHS

My Favorite Teacher and Class at MHS

Carly Stout January 11, 2022

My favorite teacher here at MHS just so happens to teach my favorite class as well. My favorite teacher is Mr. Schopper, and my favorite class was current issues which I took junior year as well as first...

My Favorite Teacher and Class

Jaydon Castagne January 11, 2022

My favorite teacher is Mr.Walline because he is a really nice and uplifting teacher who obviously loves teaching his subject (automotive) whilst still teaching very well with a mix of keeping it funny. My...

Omicron has came from Africa into several countries including the United States.

Omicron Moves Into States

Carly Stout December 3, 2021

A new COVID-19 variant has been discovered in Africa and has now been found in the United States. Omicron samples were found earlier this November. So far the states that have had positive cases include...

Masks are mandatory in USD 418 school district.

Another Year, Another Mask Mandate

Katelyn Mintzer, Sports Editor September 19, 2021

McPherson, USD 418 is back at school with fewer students and more masks. This will be the 3rd year masks have been mandatory in a row.  “Masks should not be placed on Children younger than 2 years...

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