Taylor Swift: Miss Americana


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A new film has been released to Netflix, Miss Americana: Taylor Swift.

In this newly released Netflix documentary, you are taken throughout the life of Taylor Swift, American singer and songwriter. From her pitfalls and scandals with other celebrities, to the winning of her many grammys, this film gives you a behind the scenes look into the life that she has lived.

In the beginning of the movie you are taken back to when she was at age 12 and shown how she first started singing. As it progresses, the documentary shows how she has grown as a person and the many difficulties she has had to face during her life. Arranged in a series of short videos recorded through time, the movie shows Taylor growing as a singer and songwriter. Including controversial topics such as her views on woman’s rights and speaking out on gay marriage, when watching I gained a new found respect for the singer.

If you are a fan of Taylor Swift or even just like her music, I would recommend watching this movie. There are many aspects of the documentary that showcase things people may not realize about her. Next time you are scrolling through Netflix, take a look at this touching peek into the life of Taylor Swift.