Watch Out for These Moms as Season 3 Returns


Michael Penn, Lyle Workman

Cover of season 3 of Good Girls.

Season 3 of Good Girls continues the story of three “average” moms, Beth, Annie and Ruby, who got mixed into trouble trying to acquire money, by robbing a grocery store, because of their different financial issues. 


When you start watching Good Girls be sure not to get caught up in just the plot. After a few episodes you’ll be hooked. Together the storyline, comedy and drama flow together making it suspenseful and enjoyable.  


Beth Boland is a mother of four and a housewife married to car salesman Dean Boland who cheats on her. Her and Rio eventually take an interest in each other. 

Annie Marks is Beth’s younger sister and the mother of Sadie. Annie works at the grocery store, Fine and Frugal, where they made their first robbery.

Ruby Hill is Beth and Annie’s friend. She’s a mother of two and struggling to pay for her daughter, Sara’s kidney disease and medical treatments. 

Rio is a criminal who has a money laundering business. He supports his business through many creative ways such as rolling money in wrapping paper, drugs and stashing money different items in cars. 

Stan Hill is Ruby’s husband and was previously a mall cop but becomes an actual cop. He finds out about Ruby’s “extracurricular activities” and is against it at first but later helps her to make sure she isn’t caught.

Boomer is the owner of Fine and Frugal. He contacts Agent Turner to catch Beth, Annie and Ruby in the midst of their crimes.  


In the first two seasons the girls are able to get away with their criminal activities even while the FBI is on to them after Boomer has Agent Turner involved to catch them. 


At the end of season 2 we saw Beth shoot Rio in the chest multiple times believing she may have killed him. Because we saw Agent Turner make a deal with Rio so there may be a possibility he’s still alive. In season 3 you’ll be expected to find out.


If you enjoy Orange is the New Black or The Good Place, check out Good Girls on NBC or other streaming apps.