Pro: Song is not sexist

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Speaking to Alexa Allen, Freshman, she said, “I think it is supposed to be a friendly song. It sounds like he’s kind of forcing her to stay in the house, but I still think it is a good song to play around the holidays.”

Personally I don’t think the song is sexist or suggesting rape, at that time I don’t think the song was meant to put across that message. This song describes a woman that stops by her boyfriends house on a cold winter night. They talk back and forth about how long she is going to stay, she stays longer than expected, and then implies she will sleep over. In this song, many are making it out to sound like he is keeping her there, when there are many indications that she wants to stay. She never says she wants to leave, rather that other people would not want her to be there. This song simply feels like a cute song to play during the holidays about two people that are in love. Overall, I consider this song one of the original Christmas hits and it definitely won’t be taken off of my playlist.

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