Con: Song is Sexist

The song Baby it’s Cold Outside has sparked controversy among Christmas music listeners, due to the sexist and pressuring lyrics. A few radio stations have removed the song from their playlist, resulting in backlash from the audience. Several times throughout the song, the woman gives reasons as to why she can’t stay the night with the man she is with. She blatantly says “no,” along with other phrases that show lack of interest, but is responded to with pressuring excuses as to why she should. In the end, she reluctantly gives in through force.

Baby it’s Cold Outside should be removed from Christmas playlists. Especially in this era, where sexual harassment is being openly spoken about and criticized, women should feel encouraged to be independent and confident. This song is degrading and humiliating as a woman, and it should be for men too. Being played on the radio can also be triggering to anyone who has experienced harassment. People who enjoy the song can listen to it on their own time, but being publically played should be restricted, because the lyrics are (obviously) quite controversial.

Many opposers of the ban believe that the song’s connotation is simply due to the time it was released- the mid 1940s- and should have no negative stigma because the lyrics are reflective of the time period. However, the story still revolves around the woman’s desire to leave while the man pressures her into thinking otherwise. The classic song is a negative influence, and can give the wrong message to children who listen. No means no.