Jay Ford, Staff Writer

Wonderstruck is a book written by Brian Selznick, who also wrote The Invention Of Hugo Cabret, a separate story from the one Wonderstruck tells. Selznick’s work is easy to identify for it’s combination of black and white illustrations and writing.

Wonderstruck shows the amazing way that illustrations and literature can tell separate stories, before weaving together to let the reader truly invision what is being told to them. While it’s not a graphic novel nor your typical type of literature, it’s still a fantastic read for those who like the idea of an adventure type story.

There are a few specific elements from both stories that help to tie them together. First, keen readers will notice that both desire to find something, and they go quite far to reach it. They are also both completely deaf.

Their stories weave together as Ben searches to find the father he never knew, and Rose is drawn in by a headline to see an actress, where we further learn the nature of their relationship. As the two intertwine, you can see the two not getting the goals they wanted, but instead finding each other as a result of their adventures.

Wonderstruck draws you in for both it’s wonderful illustration and its descriptive literature, and for those looking for an adventure, this book could be for them.