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High School vs. College

Hannah Butler

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     High school students were invited to a college panel on Monday, January 8th. 2017 MHS graduates took the time out of their day to come visit. The former high school students talked a bit about the differences between high school and college. This panel was a way for students to listen to advice given to them by their peers. I thought the panel was very informative and helpful. Some of the topics mentioned would definitely help students in the long run.

     From what all of them said, high school is way easier than college. Managing time can be easier and the finals are nowhere near as difficult as the college finals. At college, a lot of times the teacher can be late to class instead of the student being late.

     Scheduling is a topic Jacob Hemenway brings up. You have to manage your time wisely. Making a schedule becomes a vital part of college. While you aren’t required to go to class, it’s of course recommended. You’re expected to know due dates for assignments. Having other responsibilities is very possible, so being able to keep everything written down and organized can be very helpful.

     All of the graduates said the same thing about classes you should take during high school. The college classes that you can take are better to take here because they are less expensive. It is also a good idea to take classes that can challenge you and give you new experiences.

     Former students who visited were Sarah Pham- Boston University, Michael Saverino- KSU, Paxton Leaf- OU, Jacob Hemenway- KU, Tyler Wheat- HCC, and Sydney Mossman- Cloud County Community College.

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High School vs. College