Upcoming Spring Fashion Trends of 2023!

Spring is here and that means the weather will start getting better, but we also need to know this year’s upcoming spring fashion trends! So here are the up-and-coming predicted fashion trends of 2023 according to ELLE Fashion Magazine…

One of the trends is Baggy Jeans. As we know, denim has always been trending year-round, but this year the type is baggy jeans, the baggier the better. ELLE Fashion believes this year that baggy jeans officially have a spot in this season’s trends! The next trend is maxi skirts.  These floor-skimming skirts are here to stick around for springtime. ELLE Fashion said “floor-skimming maxi skirts will be everywhere come spring. And thankfully, this is one look you can wear for fall, too.”  These also can be worn in fall!! The last spring trend I’m going to mention is heavy-duty leather, whether it’s jackets or pants, you name it. ELLE Fashion said that the runways are encouraging people to put our fashion out there with more than just outerwear. Skirts, dresses, and pants in leather are especially good right now, ELLE Fashion also said runways are calling this “Leather weather is the better weather”.

Of course, there are many more spring fashion trends but these were just 3 that I found interesting and liked out of the other ones! So what will you be wearing this spring, some trendy clothing or clothing that’s always worn?