Meet Eidy Landerose

Meet Eidy Landerose, a 2022-2023 senior at McPherson High School. When asked her favorite part about school, Eidy responded with the people, she loves talking to and meeting with new people, but Eidy wasn’t always an outgoing person.  Her freshman year and a little while after, she was a very shy person and kept to herself mostly. She said throughout her 4 years in high school she now is not who she was before.  She has become outgoing, carefree about little things, and more thankful for the things and people around her. Eidy’s favorite subject is SPS because she loves to workout and do anything physical.  Eidy said quote,”Working out, or anything that’s physical is my type of therapy.” Working out is a huge part of Eidy’s life and who she is today.  Her inspiration, Scott Radke, is who got her into working out and has been a huge part in her physical journey helping push and motivate her to become her present self. Another one of Eidy’s role models is Coach Harlin.  She looks up to him because he has helped push her more and more to be a better version of herself that she can be everyday.  She also admires how he cares very much about his students and takes time to build bonds with all of them. Eidy plans to be an entrepreneur when she’s older owning her own gym chain, gym supplements, and construction company. When asked her plans after high school she said she plans to join the Air-Force because of the many benefits it offers, but also because she would be able to pay off college with the money she’ll earn. Eidy’s favorite quote that has stuck with her is “The distance between dreams and reality is discipline.” she said.  This quote means a lot to her because it means you have to work hard for what you want, it’s not just handed to you, you have to put in the work and effort in order to get something in return. Eidy said high school has been a huge roller coaster but has also been a really fun and informing time for her. Eidy’s little piece of advice for high school students is, “Enjoy every second of high school, it all goes by fast” and with that piece of advice we really should enjoy every second of it because one day we’re going to blink and already be in our last year of high school ready to graduate.