JAG-K Teaches Students How to Overcome Boundaries


Hannah Farley

Maleiah, junior, working on the comercial project.

Hannah Farley
Maleiah, junior, working on the commercial project.


JAG-K is a newer class at McPherson High School for students sophomores through seniors. The goal of the class is to teach students how to overcome the barriers in their lives. JAG-K is part of a larger organization as the “K” stands for Kansas, however it’s even bigger than that. JAG is nationwide.


Katelyn Loeker, teacher of JAG-K said, “First off, I am excited to see what type of impact the program has on students later on in their life after high school. Ultimately, JAG-K wants to see its students graduate with a highschool diploma and reach their full potential in life.”


One way that students have been able to learn is through college visits. JAG-K went on a college visit last Thursday, January 23 to Kansas Wesleyan in Salina. This was an opportunity for students to see if this was a college they’re interested in. 


Juniors in the JAG-K class are doing a new  group project in a select industry (telecommunications, food and health). They then had to choose a business in McPherson from the industry they were given. After they finish their projects they will then be given the opportunity to present their commercials to those businesses. 


Loeker said, “JAG-K students will get to experience throughout the program from when they first enter into it in regards to listening and hearing from different speakers, participate in company tours, college visits, and more.”


Students in JAG-K were asked what they thought was their most interesting project of the class, Luke Riley, junior said, “(The) Buy a Car Scenario, because I learned how to buy a car.” Maleiah Ewert, junior said, “The best was where we taught the class what we were passionate about.”