Heading Back to School in 2022

Hi i’m Maryn Sandbo and in this article I will be talking about my back to school classes, who teaches them, what hour I have them, where they are, why you would like the teachers and how to know if you would like them or not. Starting off with teachers and classes.  You take 7 classes, some you get to choose if you want to take and others you have to take like English, Math and Science. This year i’m taking English 1 with Mrs. Pflughoeft 1st hour, Algebra 1 with Mr. Hipp 4th hour and Biology with Mr. Maxey 2nd hour. My electives are Art 1 with Mrs. Hall 3rd hour, Current Issues with Mr. Schopper 5th hour, Journalism with Mrs. Fiedler 6th hour and SPS with Mr. Harlin and Mrs. Stufflebean 7th hour. Now where you would find them.  To find Mrs. Pflughoeft’s room you will go though the AC doors and the first hallway to your right.  Go straight a little ways then take a left and it will be the first door on you right. To find Mr. Maxey’s room you go to the second hallway on your right in the AC turn right into that hallway, go straight, turn left then turn left again into the next hallway and it will be the room right before the ramp on the left. To find Mrs. Hall’s room you go through the office doors and take a right and at that first hallway you see on your left go straight and it will be right before the 2 hallways that separate. To find Mr. Hipp’s room go to the math wing, go to the right side and it will be the second door on you right To get to current issues you go down the first hallway in the AC take the first left then the next right, go down the stairs and its the first door on your right. To find Mrs. Fiedler’s room you go to the part of the AC with the black, tall table’s go to the right down the small hallway and it will be the first door at the beginning at that hallway. For SPS you go to the varsity or JV locker room to change and then go to the aux gym. I got pretty lucky in the teacher department because all the teachers I got are nice, funny, like to joke, energetic and chill. Now knowing what classes you want to take is probably the hardest part because you won’t know what would be the best so just try to choose classes that spark an interest in what you want to do when you’re older.  “I will always try to help you be the best you can be.” Mrs. Pflughoeft.