My Favorite Teacher and Subject

Though it’s quite difficult to pick just one teacher out of the high school to be my favorite. I think I must go with Mrs. Billings, just because she’s witty and warmhearted.

I love how at the beginning of the semester she has students fill out a google form that includes questions like; What are your preferred pronouns and name, would you rather questions, and “Is there anything you would like to tell me that might help me get to know you or to learn how to relate with you? Information about how you learn best? Concerns you have?”

I think asking these types of questions are important for teacher-student relationships. It makes the LGBTQ+ students feel comfortable and welcomed in their class. They let the teacher learn more about their students and the way they learn. Lastly, they’re super fun to answer.

My favorite subject this year was Photography with Mrs. Schoenwetter. I really enjoyed her class because she made it enjoyable and fun. We got to use old film cameras and new digital cameras.

For the last project/final, I did my friend’s, Yesenia Rocha’s, SFX makeup. I made her look like a scary clown and took a picture series of her. I then photoshopped them, printed them off, and framed them.