Freshman Year Comes to a Wrap!

My first year of high school has been a blast of an experience. I’ve had some of the most fun memories made this year; the events in school like football games or the dances, field trips I take in classes, and going to other sports games/meets. I’ve also made new friendships and stronger bonds along the way too. Surprisingly just as soon and fast as this school year started, it’s now ended. Some of my favorite memories this year was going to the football games and enjoying the student section, and going on trips and performing in Vita Voce. It wasn’t all just fun and games though.  We also had lots of school work and complex tests to study and work hard for. Even though I’m excited for it to be the end of the school year and have summer, I’m also shocked at how fast high school is going.  So some advice I and others can give to the incoming freshman is have fun.  It goes by really fast, make sure to have fun but do your work and assignments on time, study for tests: it can help so much, get out there and try new things before it’s too late. Good luck to you incoming freshmen!