Recap of Freshman Year!


Freshman year went by faster than ever. This has by far felt like the fastest year of school ever. I would say that it’s pretty easy as well. Something I would say to expect is that you have more homework than you did in 8th grade. Some advice I would give to upcoming freshmen would be that as long as you turn in your work and show up to class, you will be just fine. Although, don’t slack and don’t procrastinate or your work and you will get behind. Also make sure you charge your Chromebook. Most of the teachers are okay but the ones that stood out to me the most are Mrs Krug, Mr Hipp, Mrs Pfluhoeght and Coach Harlin. Mrs Krug has so much energy, and you can tell she loves what she does. She makes Spanish super fun and it’s not hard at all. Mrs. Pluhoeght is by far the best English teacher. You are super lucky if you have her because she explains everything so well which makes her class super fun and easy. Freshman year has been a great year, but I cannot wait to be a sophomore.