Being A Mom, The Worlds Hardest Job



Maleiah Ewert, Editor

As mother day approaches, it’s time we celebrate our moms and motherly figures in our lives.  Although we say the happy mothers day phrase to our lovely mothers, do we actually realize and appreciate what mothers do for us all?


There’s no doubt that being a mom is extremely hard.  Being a mom is filled with unexpected challenges. Erica Shook, an English teacher at MHS said, ¨The hardest part of being a mom is trying to protect your kids from the hurts the world can cause them–without smothering them–so they can still experience life on their own.¨


Being a mom is a balancing act. Moms aren’t super humans, although their pretty close, moms are just like us and need their personal time.  Ashlee Pauls, a physician assistant at Partners In Families Practice said, “The hardest part about being a mom is splitting your time and knowing how to balance. Balancing your time with family, friends, keeping up with the household and having time for yourself is very important.”


Our moms impact us in many ways.  Shook said, “ My mother contributed to my work ethic and my drive to help others through community service.”  Moms teach us our values, beliefs, how to treat people and they support us unconditionally.  Pauls said, “My mom continues to impact me every day. She <is> always there for me and supports me in all of my roles- as a daughter, wife, mom, PA, and a woman. She empowers me to believe I can do anything I set my mind to.”