Pup Prints Are Working Hard On Their New And Improved Classroom


Katelyn Mintzer

Audrey Bailey is painting the walls for the classroom

MHS Pup Prints students are working together to create a better start in a new classroom. Pup Prints is moving to a diffrent classroom that used to be a teacher’s lounge. They are working together to paint and decorate so they can move all their Pup Print material into an innovative and improved work environment. Braidon Lockard, Sophomore said, “I am liking Pup Prints a lot. On a daily basis, each student has a job to do after class. We are moving rooms because we need more room.”
Pup Prints is an elective at MHS open for all students to take. They will sell the shirts they make to all students and staff at MHS. Taylor Buehler, sophomore said, “I love being able to take Pup Prints as an elective, it is fun to work with everyone and to run our own business. I am beyond excited. It will be a great addition to the class. We wanted our own space & we wanted to have an actual shop for people to come to buy clothes in person. It will take lots of time and hard work to build, paint and organize. Us working together, and using teamwork will help us become a better team and group.”
The new room is going to serve a few different purposes. Once the room is finished, they will be moving all of their equipment and supplies into the room and it will become our new classroom. They are also planning to make the room a storefront. Their goal is to have the room ready by basketball season and they will open it up during games so that the public can come in and shop their products. Taylor Stucky, one of the teachers running Pup Prints said, “Pup Prints is a student run t-shirt business where students can learn graphic design, marketing, sales, finance, and employability skills such as time management, critical thinking, problem solving, and much more. A typical project consists of the students receiving an order either on our website or through our email, creating the graphic, printing it on vinyl, and heat pressing the shirts. They do everything from start to finish. “