Christmas to me

Macy Gorsuch, Author and Editor

Curling up with a good book, great music or maybe even a favorite movie is something fun to do during the holidays. Whether you have your preferred snack or favorite drink while cuddling up in warmth, it makes you feel cozy on the inside.


Throughout the holiday, at least once, we all have that certain time that makes us feel the warmth of the Christmas season. Whether it’s being with family, going out with friends, or curling up into a ball and enjoy time with ourselves, it’s warm and our hearts become full of life, joy and love.


I love to sit down with my family and play games after eating dinner together. Just me and my girls. Mom, Grandma, my Aunt and me. This year, we’re playing Trailer Park Wars. I can’t wait!

Something I also love to do, is be with my Grandma and cook. Whether it’s making Chex Mix, or cookies, it’s always fun, exciting and beyond the best. Although this year they are in a smaller house, and it’s way less baking, I still enjoy curling up on the floor in between Grandma’s feet and read a good book, or play on my computer. (I mostly just annoy Grandma, but she loves me anyways. It’s what you have to do in the holiday season. 😉 . )


Being with family is important and feeling the warmth inside of you, is the best feeling in the world. Don’t be lonely this Christmas just sitting in your room, go be with the ones you know and love! Or make new friends!


Merry Christmas everyone!!!