High School Graduation


Macy Gorsuch, Editor and Author

High School graduation is a good thing for you in your lifetime. However, graduation includes requirements and difficulties along the way. There are volunteer hours, class completion, college and more to think about also.  

The focus of the McPherson schools is to get you graduated and in many cases get you on your way to college. They help you grow and try to push you to do good in school. Even though you may not go to college, it certainly is a good life opportunity. You can make new friends, set up your life for your career, and spend money while doing it.

Back to high school graduation, it certainly is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Graduating from high school has many other benefits to life after high school besides preparing you for college. Steady job, maybe once you get a steady job you can have a better income. When you graduate, you also get a sense of accomplishment, and pride. You would have something good to celebrate that has happened in your life.

Many people who don’t get to graduate don’t get that feeling, or that good look upon your resume, that good thing in their life. They might have to work to take care of their families and pay the bills or they go to be home schooled because they prefer it better. While others might be leaving to take care of their families, they might leave school in order to get their GED. A GED is different than regular school. It is a basic degree that helps you have something on your resume but it doesn’t give you that better look.

Going through High School to meet the goal of graduation has many challenges, memories to remember, and so much more.