Relaxer Week

Bailey Yarborough

Another day of Friday night lights and McPherson Bullpups finished with a home win of 38-14 against Winfield Vikings. Though the Vikings did score, unlike the past 3 games, McPherson was in control of the game and did not let back.

Our defense is ready “to eat”. That’s what they would say when they are ready to play.
The Pups were off to a rough start as Winfield came out fast against our offense and caught Mac off guard. Winfield forced McPherson to punt. Our star studded defense was very resilient and forced a quick three and out. Back on the saddle, Mac’s offense went the distance and scored our first touchdown of the night in the first quarter. It was a pass play from Kyler Hoppes to Ben Nickel for 6. Defense was dominant and stopped most plays and allowed back-ups and younger players to come in during the 4th quarter.

Ben Nickel, wide receiver and defensive back, was a force to be reckoned with, as he scored two touchdowns. He made an incredible attempt in the endzone, but was called out of bounds. He also was very precise on defense at cornerback, stopping many pass attempts and locking down receivers.

McPherson has beaten Winfield in football three times in the past three years, with the exception of junior varsity and freshmen teams, including last year’s 46-0 win. Most of the wins were shutouts meaning McPherson put up at least two touchdowns with Winfield scoring zero to very few points.

Winfield has had a history of bad football teams, but McPherson still practiced just like any other team they have opposed. McPherson came in very confident and, still, aware.