KAY Regional Conference


Olivia Hansen, Co-editor

  On November 10, the McPherson High School Kansas Association for Youth Executive Board traveled to Mulvane High School to learn about student leadership and giving back to their school.

  “We got together with other KAY clubs and we learned some new creative service projects,” junior Thomas Smith said. “I learned more about this project where clubs set up a food booth, and then the students pay to come eat there. Then all that money goes to buying an oven for Guatemala.”

  The Club received the Gold Award for recognizing their student leadership and service to their school, community, nation and the world for the 2014-2015 school year.

  “We have to do a certain amount of service projects which gives us points,” senior KAY Vice President Leigh Hughes said. “You have to have a certain amount of points to get the gold, you are in charge of participating in service projects for the community, country and nation.”

  The theme for the Regional Conference was “Hooked on Service”! The different schools participated in open discussions and shared their successes and challenges in the KAY club. These conferences help to inspire KAY leaders to return to their clubs and challenge their local members.

  “Some challenges [in the club] are getting students involved and signing up for events,” senior KAY President Lindsey Moore said. “A bonus is watching the members having fun while working together to help the community.”

Kansas Association for Youth Club is a great way to give back to your community, as well as having fun with friends along the way.