Starting Freshman Year!

Staring Freshman year is scary.  There’s a million thoughts going through your head. Constantly worried about what classes you have, who your teachers are, if you have to sit alone at lunch. Well I’m here to tell you after the first week is over, you got it down. It’s not as scary as you thought once you get started, maybe not scary at all. I started my freshman year at McPherson High School August 16, 2022. I thought I wasn’t going to know very many people or have friends in my classes. I thought I’d sit alone at lunch, or get lost on my way to my classes, but everything that I thought was going to happen didn’t. I see my friends everyday in the halls, in my classes, at lunch. High school is different.  I will admit that, but it’s not the worst thing to ever happen. There’s funny clothes options from some people, but that’s their style. Some people might be mean, or they might tell you they don’t care about the things you like, but you just have to keep going and ignore them.