A Teacher and a Class

It’s difficult to pick just one teacher, and just one class. Every teacher and every class in different, giving different people different reasons to dislike or like it. However, there is a class that is definitely on the top of my list. (There’s another too, but we’ll just stick with one) As for teachers, I can’t pick. What I can do is do a list of three.

Art. Everyone has a different opinion, so far I’ve only finished one semester of art in the High School, and that would be Art 1. It’s just a calming class to be in. Sketching, painting, coloring, cutting and gluing. Then finally you see your finished piece, which is always something to be proud of. Once I finish a project, a wave of happiness washes over me. It makes me feel good. Now, it may not do that for others, but that’s why I like it. I love that feeling that I’ve finished something. I’m a big procrastinator, even when it comes to art. I get frustrated sometimes and just want to quit — and sometimes do — but when I go to the art class, I know I can’t give up. Really just because you’re not allowed to, or you can just get an F. I know that I’ll get that amazing wave of happiness that happens every single time I finally put down whatever I’m doing, take a good look at my paper, and realize I’m done.

That’s why art class(es) are on top of my list. If you’re someone who needs something calming to do, just take an art class. Sometimes it can be frustrating, especially when something doesn’t go right and you get frustrated about it. Just wait until you’re done, and maybe you’ll feel that wave too.

Now then, onto the teachers! I really can’t pick one, I think if I tried to it would be impossible. First on my list, is Mr. Reed. Walking into his class just brightened up my day. I knew we would have fun even if we were working, I knew there would be jokes from Mr. Reed, some funny and some not. He’s a really good teacher,  He is kind and funny. He helps people when they needed it and tries to explain things to the best of his ability if we don’t understand. Second on my pretty long list is Mrs. Billings. She’s also very kind and funny, she makes everyone feel welcome. I took mythology both semesters with her last year, and it was the last class of the day. Going in there made me feel happy as well, I knew the students in there would laugh along with her, everyone would make jokes. She has the kind of laugh that makes you want to laugh along with her too. We read scripts and acted like our characters, stopping sometimes to laugh at how ridiculous something was or how unrealistic it was — despite it being mythology and everything was pretty unrealistic. Last, and definitely not least, is Mr. Willis, my teacher from this year. It’s pretty much the same thing like I said with Mr. Reed. Going into his class first thing in the morning is not really that fun sometimes, but answering the role questions and him answering too makes me feel like I know him better, and so it makes it more fun to come into class.

That’s pretty much it. I know, it’s supposed to be A class, and A  teacher, but I can’t pick one. I know I talked about art class(es) for it, but mythology has to go up there too. I honestly just can’t explain how fun that year was, and how amazing the class was. That’s just something you’ll have to figure out for yourself if you choose to go to that class. If you see Mrs. Billings, Mr. Reed, or Mr. Willis on your schedule, just know that you’re about to be in for an amazing year with those teachers.