Covid expectations for MHS


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Band at football game wearing mask


McPherson High School expectations for our students have grown dramatically since the beginning of the school year due to Covid-19. The different requirements are wearing masks, social distancing, temp checks, and sanitizing every hour.


Students and staff with various opinions on wearing masks, Mrs. Burrill, teacher, “I understand why we are wearing masks right now, but I am not liking it.  I understand why these policies are in place, and I want to do everything we can to help people not get sick.” As Destiny Murrow, Sophomore, agrees, “I don’t LIKE wearing masks, but I think it can at least help slow the spread of the virus.”

As other students don’t mind wearing masks. Hannah Farley, Senior, said, “I don’t mind wearing a mask because it’s not bothering me and I like matching them with my outfits.”

The school nurse thinks it is necessary, Nurse Deb Stucky, said, “I think wearing a mask is a good way to show others that we want to protect them from our germs. I may be feeling healthy. You never know when you may start to feel bad and pass things along to others that could make them sick. The mask is the first line of defense and social distancing helps put in the 2nd line of not passing germs on to others.”


Social distancing:

Some staff forget about social distancing such as, Burrill said, “But, it is not always easy to remember to practice social distancing or to hand sanitizer every hour. I am not sure if it is necessary to do it every hour, but I guess it cannot hurt to do so.” Farley said, “Social distancing is a little annoying because we’re not really able to in the school. I don’t know if some of them are even accurate.” Murrow said, “Personally, I think social distancing can also help slow or even stop the spreading. If people aren’t near each other than it’s less likely for the other person/people to get/share the germs.”


Temp checks/ Sanitizing (washing) hands:


Some students and staff do believe that the temp checks and sanitizing protect us as a community Stucky said, “Temperature checks are mandated by the governor to catch a potential infectious disease and further investigation into if it may be COVID. The more frequently you wash your hands or use hand sanitizer the less chance you have of spreading germs to others or getting sick yourself. Washing frequently helps us all stay healthy and keep face to face learning.” Murrow said, “I kinda think having temp checks is a good idea. It usually doesn’t take up that much time, it doesn’t require direct contact, and it’s checking for a possible symptom. Which not only lets the school know they are most likely fine, but it can also give the student peace of mind. I understand sanitizing when entering the school, sanitizing desks and supplies, and sanitizing after contact with another. If everything is already sanitized and there is no direct contact with somebody and nothing handed from somebody to another, then I don’t see a point.”

Then others think otherwise such as, Burrill said, “I am not sure if it is necessary to do it every hour, but I guess it cannot hurt to do so.” Farley said, “I don’t mind temp checks either because they don’t take long. I don’t know if it’s necessary a lot of the teachers stopped making us do it anyway.”