Jaytin Gumm Scoring the First Point of the Game


MHS boys playing football at the stadium.

MHS Varsity Football played Great Bend and won 31-13 on Friday night at McPherson Stadium. The crowd was cheering as MHS scored right off the bat.

McPherson outscored Great Bend 24-6. The first point was made by Jaytin Gumm as he took a handoff 64 yards for a touchdown. MHS tied seven at the end of the first quarter and almost held the score for most of the half until Aaron Powell scored a 27- yard touchdown with two minutes left on the clock. Some time into halftime, an amazing 40 yard pass by Trey Bukbee to Dylan Rinker added six to the board as he found himself in the endzone. Neill Raymond, Senior at MHS said, “the team came out to prove ourselves and that showed in the first play. We had some small struggles the rest of the first half but got fixed during half time. We just need to start the rest of the games how we finish them and the coaches will take care of the rest as usual.”¬†

 McPherson scored right out of halftime on a 40-yard touchdown from quarterback Rinker to receiver Bukbee, but the Panthers had a response. McPherson tacked on a 24-yard field goal in the third, then they wrapped up the game with an 18-point win, Brycen Labertew with a one-yard touchdown run.

McPherson will look to remain unbeaten next week at Winfield.