“It: Chapter Two” Thrillers


IT official movie poster

Kayla Ladet, Staff Writer

“ Its not really scary like its supposed to be. Yeah I want to finish it to see how it ends. Its just not my favorite. Not at all.” ”

— Adrionna Eagle


“ In my opinion the first IT was the best one, all the ones after that are garbage.”


— Wyatt Scheibler

“ Its pretty generic mostly in your face jump scares Its a sign of how modern day horror movies are just including jump scares instead of true psychological horrors. I have already watched the movie. Was not excited. Did not enjoy watching.” ”

— Sam Houston


“ Not as good as the first one. Yes i planned on watching it. I was excited but my hopes kinda got destroyed. For the most part enjoyed watching the movie. Was more of a comedy than a horror” ”

— Raina Schmidt

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