McPherson High School Boys Basketball Game Invitational

Katelyn Mintzer, staff writer

McPherson high school boys’ basketball invitational tournament took place Thursday, January 17th, Friday January 18th, and Saturday January 19th in the round house.

Thursday, January 17th , the Bullpups won against Blue Valley West, 70-65.  Friday, January 18th, we won again against Shawnee Heights. The score was 51-50. Sadly, we lost Saturday, January 19th, against Shawnee Mission East but it was a close game. The score was 48-52. We are now 8-4, let’s hope to increase that at the January 29th game against Wichita collegiate.

 The Hi-Steppers performed during half-time of the tournament game. “I got to do sidelines for the first time Friday. I like being a Hi-Stepper because it’s a really different experience if you have never danced before. You get to do a lot of different dances and you get to show who you are as a person through dancing. We are different from other sports because we are a family and we all treat each other like family. We are always here for each other,” said Anya Collins, freshman.

The cheerleaders also performed at the games, with new coach Michelle Keazer coaching. Kati Alumbaugh, freshman, said “We don’t do as much conditioning as other sports but we still condition, and I love being a cheerleader.”

Coach Strathman is back! Strathman has been in recovery from a cancerous colon tumor since Nov. 2. Strathman underwent surgery just after the doctors found the tumor. We are glad to have him back.

Don’t forget to come to the next game,Friday, Feb 1 at 7:30 PM @ Andale Ks and come watch our basketball girls play, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 24th- 26th of January in the McPherson High School round house.