Marshmallow Treats DIY


Finish product

Maria Cecenas, Sally Boese, Nadia Turley, Chanz Rosales, and Kaytlyn Mintzer

On the day before finals began, we attempted to make festive desserts found on Pinterest. While the desserts looked cute and fun, they didn’t taste like anything special. The process was simple: get marshmallows, water, a clean paint brush, lollipop sticks, and any color of sugar sanding sprinkles , and finally, icing. After you have your supplies, you grab a stick and stick into the middle of the marshmallow , then wet the marshmallow using the paintbrush; This is to make sure the sugar sticks to it. Next, you can either pour the sprinkles on the marshmallow, or pour them on a plate and dab the marshmallow into it. After, grab the icing and decorate to your liking!

Because of the variety of colors, sizes, and designs, it is easy to customize these treats and add a personal touch for every event. However, because the only ingredients are marshmallows and sugar, they do not make the best snacks. If you’re a fan of that, though, these would be the perfect treat. For me, I can not eat too many at once. They were quite plain, but cute nonetheless!