Kansas Voting 2018

Alanna Golden

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Voting day has just passed us, and the results are now clear for us all to see. Some surprising or groundbreaking results came in, and plenty of people were pleased, while others were disturbed by the changes. While change is seen as a negative thing, this one might prove to be good.

Kansas is generally a very Republican state, but against the odds, Laura Kelly, who is a Democrat won against the Republican that was running. She was voted the Governor for Kansas. She scored 47.8%, where Kris Kobach got 43.3%. The others that attempted didn’t get anywhere near their votes, and didn’t have a chance against the Republican and Democratic sides in that fight.

There are a lot of downfalls when it comes to some of the population being underage and unable to vote for any official higher up member of the world that could chose our fate later on in the future of the country. It can be a bit unnerving and perhaps disappointing when they can’t put in their input on that type of stuff.

“I think that there should be a rule where if you’re turning eighteen in only a few months, they should be allowed to vote. So many of them miss the voting poll and don’t have a voice for the future.” Said Kyra Byrd, a Sophomore at McPherson High School.

“I agree so much with the previous quote, because the voting will happen when I’m seventeen, and I’ll turn eighteen in only twenty weeks. It’s unfair, and we don’t get a proper choice.” Said Anya Billings, a Sophomore at McPherson High School.

Secretary of state was given to Scott Schwab, which was a Republican candidate. He got 52.9% of votes, with Brian McClendon right behind him at 43.6% of votes. The results of this seemed a bit more likely than the previous one, because Kansas is known for being more Republican.

Treasurer was also voted during this week. Jake LaTurner, the Republican runner won against Marci Francisco, 58.1% to 41.9%. He is also a Republican candidate, so it’s not very surprising for Kansas to have elected him.

The state house has 37 Democratic members, and 84 Republicans. This is the state house for Kansas, which has been chosen through local voting. It is dominantly Republican, which is representing us to be a Republican state.

The loss of voting to a Democrat is very surprising for the state of Kansas, but despite that, the elections seemed to work pretty well! I’m sure plenty of people are wondering how these alterations will change the close future.

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