Halloween Dirt ‘N Worms

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For our halloween DIY, we decided to make a classic treat, Dirt ‘N Worms, but with a twist. We made it also look like a little pumpkin patch! We got the idea off of Pinterest. It looked simple, festive, fun, and yummy! We needed the following supplies: a bowl, spoons, cups, gummy worms, two boxes of pudding mix, a whisk, two packages of oreos, milk, and little candy-corn pumpkins! The process as a whole, took two days.


We expected this project to be a short and fun activity, but there were several different components that we had to keep in mind.  The first day of working, we focused the whole time on making the “dirt,” and it took a lot longer than we had anticipated. Not only was this time consuming, but the whole process was messy! The second day we spent the day making the chocolate pudding and it was fairly easy, but it was time consuming as well.


Overall it turned out very well and fun! We struggled a bit with the pudding but everything was easy to make. We also asked for everyone’s opinion and they loved it. So if you want to make a spooky treat, this is definitely recommended, fun and easy.

Our ingredients
Gluten Oreos
Ziplock bags
non-gluten oreos
2 packs of pudding
solo cups

crushing oreos

Taking frosting off of oreos

more oreo crushing

mixing very hard for pudding to become nice and smooth

Nadia Turley posing for a picture

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