Ending the Soccer Season Strong


Gene Wilson took this picture of the JV soccer players

Hannah Wilson, journalist

Not a lot of people go to soccer games, they think that it is anticlimactic or is just running. Soccer is so much more than just running. You have lots of rules to follow and lots of plays to learn just like basketball or football.

As any other sport there are tons of rules to soccer. Some could just be offsides or even out of bounds. You could also get yellow carded, meaning get warned to not do that thing again or it will be a red card. A yellow card could be like having bad sportsmanship or leaves the field because they are mad and don’t have any permission to leave. A red card could be just having two yellow cards in one game or even having foul plays. Foul plays could be as simple as tripping someone or as serious as getting into a fist fight with someone. Which could lead into serious injury.


Nobody realizes how often someone may get injured in soccer. Whether it’s as simple as falling and scraping up your arm to as serious as getting a concussion, tearing ligaments, and broken bones. Lucky most of our players made it through the season and weren’t hurt.


All of the boys told me that their favorite part of the season was simply just being on the team. Their favorite game was the great bend game because they had more energy than the other games and it was just more exciting. They also said that they like home games better than away because they get to have more family and friends there to support them. They love the coaches very much and wouldn’t change a thing if they were in his place.


Though the boys didn’t win every single game they played their hardest. Now that the season is over, the boys will go to some soccer camps before next season so that they can improve and be better than the last season. Though they won’t have the same players they had this year they will try to work together as a team to win.