Thanksgiving For Those In Need

Hannah Butler

     Many of us get the joy of celebrating Thanksgiving. Whether it’s relaxing and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or spending all day to cook that delicious Thanksgiving meal. We have everything we could ever want to have, yet there are still some who aren’t as fortunate. Some families or individuals can hardly get by. Thanksgiving simply isn’t an option for them. They don’t get to celebrate like everyone else.

     In Wichita, police officers and the Union Rescue Mission are coming together to deliver Thanksgiving meals to those who need help. Around 100 meals will be delivered. People who struggle financially or have had problems with the law, whether it’s themselves or a family member, will be receiving the meals. All dinner boxes will have turkey, pumpkin pie, vegetables, and dressing.

     This hasn’t only happened in Wichita though. In many other states, communities give to those in need on Thanksgiving and even Christmas. Restaurants serve food and fundraisers are held. Thanksgiving should be about being thankful for what you have, but you should also give back to others around you. They are human too, just not as fortunate to have everything.