JV Soccer Game Against Winfield

Marcel Horstkamp

The JV team met on the 12th of September at 5pm at the college stadium to face the team of Winfield. At 5:30pm the first fans and families arrived, however the Winfield team bus has a problem and they have to wait for a new bus. So the team had one hour more to get warmed up and improve.


At 7pm the match finally started, one hour after the normal kick-off time. But the game was shorter because the varsity team had to play too, so we played only one half over 20 minutes.


The team dominated the game from the first until the last second of the game. Already after 10 seconds we get the ball from the enemy team which gives us the first chance to score but Logan E. missed the goal. In the following 8 minutes we had 80% ball possession which gives us many opportunities to score but the goalkeeper from Winfield did a good job in contrast to the rest of the team. Finally after 9 minutes Marcel Horstkamp starts a attack from the left side, did a quick one two with Florian G. and dribbles around one player and played a perfect pass to Zach W. who finished with a great first touch shot from 10 yards. In the 16th minute of the game we got a corner hit by Cody A. which leads to a great header from Logan E. who missed the goal by two yards.Only 2 minutes later we got a corner again, this time a defender stops the cross with his hand what give us the chance to score per penalty kick, Cody A. took the ball and shot without problems in the left corner. After the 2:0 lead the McPherson team only tries to defend the lead, what they did and save the win.


To conclude you can say it was one of the easiest games of the season because the defense and midfield from Winfield was to weak, Coach Adrian for example said: “This was a awesome game from our team but we have to work harder because it won’t be like this every game. The best thing we improve was our play with using our body fair, when a team plays hard but fair the enemies are afraid of you. This is an easy but effective to earn respect in the league.” Coach Martin also add: “The midfield dominate the field which was the key for the win and the dominance, that’s exactly this what Winfield didn’t do” One of the key players was Carson Stone after and before the game started, he gives us the motivation and his respect after the game: “I’m very proud of our team we give everything we had in the 20 minutes. Everybody was fighting and didn’t make a fault.”


Hopefully we can see a lot of people at our next match against Augusta at the

Augusta Hillier Stadium on September 19th.