How do you feel about the new policy of leaving school ten minutes after the final bell rings?

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“I don’t think it’s fair to kids who don’t have transportation to leave school and that have to wait for their rides to come get them. It’s also getting hot out and will be winter soon.””

— Bailey Dykes

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“It’s unnecessary. If you are going to see a teacher after school, after the ten minutes, you’d have to leave.””

— Katie Hemenway

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“It’s unfair for people who don’t have rides and have to wait for the bus in bad weather.””

— Adison Henry

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“It’s kind of rude because some people don’t have anywhere else to go.””

— Lauren Hein

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“I think it’s pretty stupid because you have teachers to visit and stuff, and some people can’t go home before practice.””

— Blade Anderson

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“It’s one thing to be thirty minutes after the bell rings, but then is a little extreme. Like, I have choir practice sometimes after school, and it’s after 3:01pm, but I don’t have enough time to go all the way home and back.””

— Paige Unruh