Top 10 Kpop Dances


Girls’ Generation dancing to their song “I Got A Boy”.

Katelyn Martin

If you’re into Korean Pop Music, but you really look into the choreography then you should definitely watch these Top 10 Kpop Dances.

Number 1.) BTS- Fire

Choreographer- Keone Madrid

Album- The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever

This super upbeat song definitely goes with the name! The dance is very fast-paced and definitely makes you feel like you’re on fire.

Number 2.) EXO- Monster

Choreographer- Kim Tae Woo

Album- Ex’Act

To be, or not to be a Monster, that is the question. When watching this dance you feel in awe as you watch the way these boys’ bodies move.

Number 3.) Block B- TOY

Choreographer- Anze Skrube

Album- Blooming Period

Yes, dancing is supposed to be upbeat and get you moving, but even sad songs can do that. Just like TOY. The song is about heartbreak, but the smooth and beautiful movements definitely make you feel cheery.

Number 4.) SHINee- View

Choreographer- Ian Eastwood

Album- Odd

Don’t you love chilling out and relaxing? This dance is very easy to learn, and calming. When you watch SHINee dance to their song View you truly feel content.

Number 5.) 24K- Hey You

Choreographer- Unknown

Album- Super Fly

When it comes to picking up chicks 24K really has a good idea about it. With their song Hey You they prove through these hot moves that they’re manly men that have the key to any girls’ heart.

Number 6.) G-Friend- Me Gustas Tu

Choreographer- Unknown

Album- Flower Bud

Who doesn’t love some cute girls who know how to dance really well? This song is about first love, and you can tell by the feminine choreography that these girls are very shy, yet they know how to get a guys heart.

Number 7.) Sistar- I Like That

Choreographer- Chae Dasom

Album- Insane Love

Want to feel the pain in these girls’ words? Even in the dance, you can feel the depression. I Like That, Sistar!

Number 8.) Monsta X- Trespass

Choreographer- Unknown


This is definitely a song to dance to! It is crazy upbeat, and dance worthy.

Number 9.) Blackpink- Whistle

Choreographer- Keon Madrid

Album- Square One

If you like music that’ll stick in your head, and a dance that is not complicated, this is definitely your dance.

Number 10.) 4Minute- Crazy

Choreographer- Unknown

Album- Crazy

And the worst of the best, this is a catchy and an amazing song, yet the choreography is very easy to learn. Anyone could do it!