MIT Girls’ Soccer

Heidi Myers, Staff Writer

   You thought the week of prom was stressful, think of the girls’ soccer team who is hosting their McPherson Invitational. Although it is the McPherson Invitation, due to the college construction starting on April 1 the tournament will be held in Salina. The tournament consisted of eight teams all from around from all kinds of classifications. Maize South, Topeka, Andover Central, Hays, Augusta, Newton, Salina South and McPherson are all competing in the tournament.

   The first round of games started on Tuesday, March 29 with Hays and Andover Central playing each other. The final score was 1-0 for Hays after a header off a corner kick late in the game. Maize South and Topeka played next at four in the afternoon. Maize South kicked it in gear second have changing the tied score 3-3, to a final of 8-3. Newton and Salina South’s final score was a whopping 4-0 with an exciting three penalty kicks, two for Newton who both took advantage of the opportunity and then Salina who missed. McPherson took on Augusta’s improving team and won 5-1. Three of the five scored in the first half.

   Next the teams will travel again to Salina to play their second game Friday, April 1. McPherson will be taking on team rival the Newton Railers Friday evening at eight. Saturday games will be the playing of 7th, 5th, 3rd, and 1st place.