Mac High Gets Ready to Recycle


Olivia Hansen, Co-editor

  The McPherson High School science classes, under Mr. Maxey and Ms. Sheedy’s advisory traveled to the Sedgwick County Zoo on March 24 to attend a lecture on the importance of recycling as well as to observe the wildlife many of the students had studied.

  “Our advisory class is collaborating with the McPherson Area Solid Waste Utility to host a recycling drive during the week of Earth Day to bring awareness to the importance of recycling electronics instead of sending them to a landfill,” science teacher Caitlin Sheedy said. “Our trip to the zoo was meant to provide information and inspiration to get our whole class invested in this recycling drive as we begin the process of developing, advertising, and implementing this activity to support our community and the environment.

  The students had the privilege of attending a lecture from a zookeeper very involved with recycling. The speaker also touched on her experience of keeping the zoo running while also saving money.

  “I learned how important conservation and recycling is [at the lecture],” senior Lindsey Moore said. “I found the story about how the zoo got the elephants for their new exhibit exciting.”

  After the students had listened to the lecture, they were able to freely roam the park, in search of anything from rhinos to snakes.

  “My favorite animal was probably the penguins,” senior Michelle Carrillo said. “They are so cute sliding around!”

My favorite animal was probably the penguins,” senior Michelle Carrillo said. “They were so cute sliding around.” Ms. Sheedy’s advisory will use the knowledge they gained from the lecture on the trip to host a recycling drive on April 20.