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Mac Freshman vs Great Bend

Megan Manning, Journalism 1 Student

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   At the boys last home game against Abilene wasn’t expected, they had a game of  tug a war at the beginning, then towards the middle of the game they started to step up their game until the end when they lost 41-40 to Abilene. February 9, McPherson Freshman boys basketball began their night out with Kyler Hoppes, Jace Kinnamon, Gabe Hoover, Chandler Wiard, and Noah Avila in the starting line up. 

   Abbey Yianakopulos, freshman manager, said, “They have been practicing hard, so they will redeem themselves.” The chance of them being redeemed was on February 9, when they played at home against Great Bend.

  To redeem themselves, they beat Great Bend 60-58, on the evening of February 9, 2016.  Mac started strong from the first basket and finished strong, driving through the game and winning.

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Mac Freshman vs Great Bend