The Advantages of Advanced Placement

Jessica Wylie, Co-editor

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There are many advantages of taking Advance Placement courses. From getting prepared for college to possibly receiving college credit from the exam, students enroll in these courses to have a challenge.

“I take AP classes to prepare me for college, not necessarily to get the college credit,” senior Monet Kunde said. “It gives me a basic knowledge of the things I would like to study in college.”

Most AP classes require a lot of homework. At MHS, the most famous class for having mounds of homework is AP World History, which requires you to outline almost an entire textbook by the end of the course. Classes like AP Literature, AP Biology, and AP Environmental Science require many hours of reading and studying.

“The most challenging AP course I have taken is AP World History,” senior Leigh Hughes said. “I’m not a fan of history so I couldn’t grasp some of the concepts that we went into detail about.”

By taking these advanced classes, it tells colleges that you can take on a challenge and will be prepared for future rigorous courses.

“AP exposes them to the rigours that they will face at college,” AP science teacher Mr. Maxey said.

At the end of an AP class, you have to take the AP exam that the course prepares you for. The exam is rated on a one to five scale, a one being the lowest and a five being the highest. Depending on your score and what college you choose to attend, you can receive college credit for these courses you took in high school.

“I think it prepares us for the workload we’re expected to deal with in college,” junior Julia Eilert said.

There are currently 11 AP courses taught at MHS.


AP Classes offered at MHS:

AP English Language and Composition

AP English Literature and Composition

AP Government

AP Human Geography

AP United States History

AP World History

AP Calculus

AP Biology

AP Chemistry

AP Environmental Science

AP Physics

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