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The High Life

Unleashing school spirit: Homecoming week at McPherson High!

Above shows each winner throughout the week. Photo Creds: MHS Stuco Instagram

On the week of homecoming, every student at McPherson High School had the opportunity to participate in Spirit Week. For some students, it’s not a big deal, but for other students, they love to go all out! Each day one to two students are voted best dressed and are posted on the McPherson Stuco Instagram page, and also get a prize. Here’s a look at each day’s themes, and the winners throughout the week: 


Monday: Pajama Day!  

Monday’s winner was Marissa Morgan! Marissa was dressed head to toe in a pink Juicy Couture set, a red plaid robe, and a sleep mask. 


Tuesday: Twin Day! 

Tuesday’s winners were Kadee Stewart and Landree Wedel! Stewart and Wedel were both wearing blue dresses with a solar system print, pink slippers, and even put their hair up into two high braids. 


Wednesday: Celebrity Day!

Wednesday’s winner was Alyssa Harger! Alyssa was dressed as the Kansas City Chiefs head coach, Andy Reid. She went all out and even included his headset and mustache. 


Thursday: Decades Day! 

Thursday’s winner was Madison Snyder! Madison was dressed up completely in 70’s fashion, wearing the iconic flare jeans, a floral cropped t-shirt, orange-tinted glasses, and a headband with a floral print as well. 


Friday: Stages of life! Freshman- babies, Sophomores- teens, Juniors- adults, and Seniors- Senior citizens!

Friday’s winners included Addie Herrera and Amelia Britting! Addie is a junior at the high school so she was dressed up as a pregnant woman. Amelia is a senior and was decked out head to toe as an elderly woman. She even included slippers, a pearl necklace, and a grey wig. 


To top off the week, we have this year’s homecoming king and queen! The candidates for this year were Cailey Kueser and Eli Clarke, Aislyn Soukup and Blaise Hoover, Carly Schroeder and Owen Fetsch, and Camille Bryant and Cory Muehler. Every year the students at the high school vote for who they want to win. 

Congratulations to this year’s winners, Camille Bryant, and Eli Clarke! 

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Hannah Britting, Journalist
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