The High Life

People 2018: Part 1

Macy Gorsuch, Editor and Photographer

November 1, 2018

School Staff smile beautifully as their picture is taken.                 Katelynn takes her pose while the camera snaps a shot.                 Mrs. Billings class lets their light shine as Jonah takes the floor or should I say, table. &...

Not Enough Chromebooks

Faith Lininger, Staff

August 29, 2018

James Logan High School   It's the beginning of the year again, with new students, new classes, and new friends. The autumn and winter months of 2018 are sure to be interesting this year, as we have a Freshman class that seemed to have extended larger than many staff members, and students, at McPh...

Community Service

Kailla Minier and Lillian Peterson-Breeden

April 24, 2018

Question: Is the amount of hours required for community service in order to graduate an acceptable amount of hours?   Answers: Tabitha Slechta - “We don’t have time for people that have sports and that have a job.” Rachel Carlson - “I think it’s fine because it will look good ...

Hot off The Hallway – How does your family celebrate Christmas?

Kaylea Herrman

December 1, 2017

When asked how their family's celebrate Christmas, they stated: ...

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