How Do You Feel About The Newly Redesigned Area?

V Haden, Courtney Huber, and Kayla Ladet

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I don’t like the new area. I think it’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t like the way they took out the lockers and replaced it with something else.”

— Sage Koelling

Kayla Ladet
Sage Koelling

The chairs in the new area remind me of taco bells high chairs. So, they’re kinda cool. But, they took away the lockers. Which makes me angry. I liked the way they were.”

— James Geasman

Kayla Ladet
James Geasman

It’s okay I guess.”

— Hugo Banulous

Kayla Ladet
Hugo Baneulous

I really enjoy it, it’s really nice. It’s very small, yes but, you can talk to your friends easier this way. ”

— Analicia Rocha

Kayla Ladet
Analicia Rocha

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