Tik Tok Breaking The Internet



The Tik Tok Social media, video sharing app logo.


Tik Tok is a rising popular social media app where users can make and share short videos.  The trending app was once known as Musical.ly where users made lip syncing videos. In 2017, Musical.ly was bought by another company called ByteDance.  Since then, the app has changed rapidly making it very popular among teenagers and young adults.

Many teens are making lip syncing, comedy, and talent videos.  Tik Tok has became an outlet, like other social media apps, where teenagers can express their talent and feelings while even having a possibility to be discovered.  Tik Tok has became so popular that it has surpassed Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat as the top free app in Apple’s App Store.  

Many creators on Tik Tok have gained huge numbers of followers giving many people opportunities for fame.  Many have used Tik Tok to grow their platforms in photography, modeling, acting, singing, dancing, and much more.  People who have gotten “Tik Tok famous” have came upon opportunities such as going on television, premiers, meeting celebrities, and growing fame in Hollywood.  A 15 year old girl named Paige Niemann was contacted by a famous singer and actress, Ariana Grande. Niemann received popularity by having similar resemblance to the star.   

Other celebrities such as singers and actors have not been as active on Tik Tok as people would think. Many of Tik Tok’s users are glad that celebrities aren’t taking over the app giving other users opportunities to shine and be noticed. Users view Tik Tok as “their own” making it a “safe place” for teens and young adults to be themselves. 

Tik Tok has been trending in the news.  Many writers and journalists have been reporting on Tik Tok and its part in the start of the “okay, boomer” meme.  This trend has become an inside joke between millions of teenagers on the earth’s declining state.  

It’s safe to say that Tik Tok is an addicting and fun social media app where people can simply be themselves and market while at it. Tik Tok has had one billion downloads and 500 million active users since their launch.  The average Tik Tok user spends 60 minutes on the app a day. Most of those users are ages 16-24. Ava Howard, a sophomore said, “I love Tik Tok because of all of the amusing videos and people.”