The High Life

Do You Dare To Enter?

Photograph from Cleveland News 5

Ava Howard, staff writer

October 31, 2019

What is a haunted house? A haunted house is a house that is inhabited by demons or spirits. But the haunted houses we go to are nothing like that. The ones we go too are all pretend, because all of the “demons or clowns” are actually people who are dressed up in costumes to pretend they are demons, clo...

New stadium: Can We Afford It?

The halls of MHS remain crowded before and after lunch.

Group of first year writers, staff writers

October 21, 2019

McPherson High School students give their opinion:   Many students have dreamed about what their ideal school would look like. While the McPherson High School may not be the science fiction school we all dreamed of, it fits all students inside unlike the stadium at the McPherson College. ...

College Opportunities at MHS

College fair at the McPherson High School gives great opportunities for students to learn more about their school of choice.

Kaylea Herrman, Photo Editor

October 18, 2019

On Monday, October 14th students attended a college fair that was held at McPherson High School. From 1-2:30pm they were able to walk around the round house and look at colleges they may want to attend in their lives after high school. This fair was held specifically for 10th-12th graders. A total of...

What is McPherson High School Band Doing?

McPherson High School Band Mattress Fundraiser Flyer

Hannah Farley, staff writer

October 14, 2019

McPherson High School band isn’t selling chocolate this year but they are selling mattresses as in the past. They will also be doing some other small fundraisers throughout the year. Katelyn Kuder says that in the past selling mattresses has done well and that they will probably sell quite a bit this ...

MHS’s Ban On Food Deliveries

McPherson High recently announced it would no longer be allowing students to have food delivered to the school.

Macyn Ward, Staff Writer

October 11, 2019

On September 20, 2019, MHS announced “We are no longer allowing food to be ordered and delivered to school from any restaurant. If food is delivered, it will be sent back to the restaurant.” This announcement applies to all students and staff, although seniors and staff are still allowed to leave schoo...

KAYS Volunteers at MHS Bloodrive

Blood drive organized by KAY on October 9th at MHS

Kaylea Herrman, Photo Editor

October 10, 2019

This Wednesday, October 9th there was a blood drive at MHS organized by KAY club members accompanied by the Red Cross. If eligible, students were able to come donate blood in the small gym starting at 8:00 a.m. There were plenty of KAY volunteers taking part as well as many eager donors wanting to make...

Choose Peace – Anti-Bullying Awareness Week

Will you choose peace this October during National Bullying Prevention Month?

Kaylea Herrman, Photo Editor

October 10, 2019

This October is bullying prevention month. In the state of Kansas, the week of the 7th-13th is dedicated to Anti-Bullying Awareness. Founded by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, this campaign is meant to bring communities together in order to educate and raise awareness on prevention of...

School Shootings: Will the possibility of this tragedy come to McPherson High?

No Guns Allowed.

Atlanta Wing, staff writer

October 7, 2019

While school shootings are becoming a very serious topic, they are not something people speak that much of. This situation is getting to a point where its a daily thing or occurrence. The year of 2019 has had 22 or more shootings in the U.S where someone has been killed or injured. It has come to the ...

How Important is Collecting?

Devon Haden, staff writer

October 2, 2019

Everyone collects something, from coins, to cats, to creepy dolls. We all have our own collections. We all do it for many different reasons. Some people collect for sentimental value. Some do it because in the future they may stop making that product, then they can sell it for a lot of money. Others m...

Modeling For Success

Taylor Buehrle modeling at Kansas City Fashion Week, living her career dream.

Maleiah Ewert, Managing Editor

October 1, 2019

There’s no doubt that High School is hard.  It’s a time where everyone is trying to fit in yet find who they truly are.  For some people, their dreams come naturally and they don’t stop till they’re in motion.   Taylor Buehrle is a Sophomore at McPherson High School and an aspiring model....

McPherson High School Trying Out Some New Things With Homecoming

McPherson High School Trying Out Some New Things With Homecoming

Katelyn Mintzer, Sports editor

September 30, 2019

McPherson High school students have decided to have two homecomings this year. One will be informal and the theme is blackout here in the AC next Friday, October  4 at 9:30-11.  It will be scheduled right after the football game. There will also be a formal homecoming held in April. Tickets will be ...

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