McPherson Boys Varsity Soccer Wins Regionals!


This past Thursday night our boys varsity soccer team went against the Augusta Orioles. Bullpups had the lead of two goals in the first half of the game. As soon as it was the second half not only was it starting to rain but Augusta made a comeback scoring 2 goals with them being tied with us by the end of it. Due to ending up tied, the players had to go into overtime. Sophomore Ervin Jose Fransisco scored the Bullpups’ winning goal, just 7 minutes into being in overtime, ending the score 3-2 and Bullpups taking the title of Regional Champs.

Varsity soccer player and senior Tito Mendez had this to say about not only how it felt to win regionals, but also the impact soccer has had in his life. “It felt amazing, everything we’ve been through this year has been so worth it to win regionals. Watching that goal go in will be one of my favorite memories. It was rough near the beginning, but we had to trust the process. We’ve been through so many problems as a team, but we’ve been able to push through them and become better. I started playing soccer when I was 3, but did it competitively at 5 or 6. I always played it just because it’s been the sport my parents liked, and I liked it too but I never really wanted to be amazing at it.  I started to push myself more to get better during middle school, and high school I worked everyday to try and get better. My senior year has been the biggest to where I can’t stop thinking about soccer. I’ve played this sport my whole life and I’m excited to play in college, after that I have no idea what I’m going to do after that though. Maybe I’ll play a pickup league but this sport will never leave me.”  Congratulations to our boys soccer team for this amazing win, we couldn’t be prouder and hope you guys do well next week in Buhler. Go Bullpups!